Nintendo media summit - Boingz - impressions

When I first heard that Real Networks was bringing a game to WiiWare, I cringed. I didn’t think the quality would be very high, or that it would be a project that anyone would be interested in. Well, I am glad to say that I was completely wrong. Boingz seems like a perfect game for WiiWare, and the control mechanics are fantastic for a Wii title. This game went from being off my WiiWare radar to sitting near the top.

Boingz is a simple game to play, but a tough game to complete. Basically, you take control of little alien creatures, and it’s your job to guide them to the end of a level. You move the Boingz via joystick, and then launch them all over the game world with the Wiimote. By pointing at the screen, you can grab their antenna and pull/stretch it. When you let go, the Boingz will fly in the opposite direction that you were pulling. This will help them to reach new heights, access new areas, and help save their friends.

You can also use the antennas to pick up objects, and hold onto them. For instance, you can have a Boingz grab a chain and pull open a door. One while Boingz holds the door open, you can controller another one and have him access the new area. You can see how these mechanics will work into some pretty mischievous puzzles.

Honestly, Boingz was a blast to play. I had a great with the game, and am eagerly awaiting its WiiWare release. Nice to see new, original content that really fits what the Wii can do.

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