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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast - summary

by rawmeatcowboy
13 October 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Recent Nintendo announcements/conferences

- Nintendo talked about stuff that concerned the hardcore gamer
- Bozon uses the word “phenomenal” to describe Nintendo’s press conference, Matt would say “good”
- Matt says Nintendo needed to be more aggressive with the storage solution
- Need to wait awhile for the solution
- Bozon and Matt like Cosmic Walker - looks like you’ll fly around in a jetpack, take care of your ship
- Demon Blade, Punch-Out, DS games, World of Goo, Cave Story were all there
- Matt is happier to hear that Punch-Out is being developed by Next-Level Games than internally by Nintendo
- Bozon and Matt excited about Sin and Punishment 2 - it’s a niche hardcore game
- Let’s Tap is funny
- Bozon thinks Demon Blade will be sick, Matt is amazed Atlus didn’t pick it up
- Pay attention to XSEED, getting all of these major games
- Klonoa, Tenchu, Taito Drum Master all looked pretty cool


- Bozon says the DSi announcement was incredible - seems like it’ll be cool even though it’s a minimal update
- Reggie had to have the DSi with him at all times during the NA event
- Multiple sources are hinting that Nintendo doesn’t put out a product like the DSi with internal memory, the camera, and everything without something truly unique and special that none of us would think of that’s going to back it (People are saying that something big is still going to come with the DSi)
- DSi is something that Matt believes was created to maintain sales

World of Goo
- 9.5 / 10, one of the highest scores Matt has given any Wii game
- Almost gave it a higher score
- Very few faults, the biggest is the camera dragging
- It’s a very complete package, gives a good challenge
- Best WiiWare game, one of the best titles on Wii in general
- Uses the Wiimote well, physics are amazing

- Rock Band coverage tomorrow, Tetris Party later this week, Tomb Raider, Star Wars coverage soon. More on The Conduit coming. Trying to get more on HVS’ new racing game.
- Art Style: Cubello is cool but basic. A totally original game.

Reader questions
- No exclusive games for the DSi. Another 1.5-2 years of the DS should be expected.
- World of Goo is easily the best WiiWare game thus far
- Doesn’t look like direct play will be available off SD cards with the Wii. They’re just going to make it easier to transfer.
- Matt wants the option to turn off MotionPlus/Balance board in Punch-Out if they’re supported
- It’ll be several months before we get more information on the Wii storage solution
- Wii MotionPlus needs a better core game at launch (Sports Resort isn’t a core game)
- Reggie says he’s going to watch and see how Disaster does in Europe, if it bombs, NA probably won’t see it
- Reggie sort of did the same thing with Fatal Frame 4, saying that “We’ll see”
- Bozon’s been playing Tales of Symphonia 2, it’s cool and better looking than the first one. Voice-work is terrible.
- Deadly Creatures looks like it’s coming out next year
- A lot of waggle in MadWorld, hope they’re tweaking it for the better. Team said they’re not going to use MotionPlus
- Dokapon Kingdom review coming tomorrow - Fun game
- Monster Hunter 3 is probably not going to use voice chat but don’t rule it out completely. Might do voice chat for NA and not Japan.
- Knew Kid Icarus wasn’t going to be at Nintendo’s conference. Matt says 2009. Joke about how they might cancel the game because they talk about it so much
- LIT is going to be in Nintendo Power soon (new details?)
- Matt believes the people who quit Retro didn’t want to work on Metroid games anymore
- FFCC: The Crystal Bearers probably didn’t transform into Echoes of Time (they’re seperate games)
- No More Heroes 2 was one of the biggest Wii announcements at TGS, Bozon is psyched for it. Suda dismissed MotionPlus.
- Suikoden has so many playable characters which expands the actual story, gets fun unlocking characters and quests. Has a beg/middle/end. Should buy it.
- Case-by-case basis for registered games that will count for Club Nintendo in North America
- Dead Rising build is the one they’re been playing over and over the past few months
- Matt thinks the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will come to Wii eventually (or in some way, says Bozon)
- Wii won’t get as much criticism in 2009 regarding hardcore games. Pikmin 3 a shoe-in for next year. 2009 looking better than Wii’s first year.
- Bozon and Matt would add motion controls (fishing) for Animal Crossing: City Folk if they could, more of a MMO feel
- The Conduit blog should go live next week, HVS ready to roll with regular updates. They say Eric Nofsinger has a killer hat.
- Klonoa hasn’t been confirmed for localization, should come to the US though
- A classic Sonic game like Mega Man 9 would be nice
- No news on Red Steel 2, will be awhile
- Tenchu 4 should be “a little different” when it hits the US as in some improvements (Bozon says that those who are writing summaries should put that they “talked about a secret thing”)
- Sonic Unleashed Wii in motion looked pretty good
- Punch-Out should have motion + classic controller types