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Castlevania Judment - Cube, Classic controller support

by rawmeatcowboy
15 October 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

A portion of a Nintendo Power preview…

It’s a scary proposition: taking a beloved series like Castlevania and dropping its familiar adventure formula in favor of one on one fighting. But that’s what Konami has done with Castlevania Judgment. Fortunately for series fans, the developers are giving players plenty of content to sink their fangs into. The depth starts with the character roster; in addition to previously revealed warriors…the game features Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, Grant DaNasty (all from CV-III), Eric Lecarde (from Bloodlines), werewolf Cornell (from CV: Legacy of Darkness) and a few villains, including time-manipulating newcomer Aeon. The game has plenty of modes, too; there are personalized story modes for each warrior, plus you can engage in traditional Arcade, Versus and Survival Modes, as a well as a Castle mode in which you proceed through Dracula’s abode, floor by floor, while dealing with certain restrictions. And if you’re not convinced that swinging a Wii remote is the best way to beat the Count, worry not; you can also play using the GameCube or Classic Controller.

Well, that does make the game sound a bit more palatable, but I still am not impressed with the game itself. It’s going to be one of the series’ missteps that we look back on for years to come. Thanks to RodriguezJr. for the heads up!