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Mega Man 9 interview - DLC brings us 'Fake Man', Hornet Man was originally Hornet WOman, and more?

by rawmeatcowboy
17 October 2008
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That, right there, is Fake Man. He’ll be taking you on in the next wave of DLC for Mega Man 9. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Producer Hironobu Takeshita talks to GameSpot about the upcoming special stage.

GS: Are there any robot masters that didn’t make the cut that you can share with us?

HT: I don’t mean to evade your question, but there is one boss we’d love to introduce to the fans in this occasion. His name is Fake Man. He appears on the special stage available in downloadable content. He also makes a small appearance in the main content. This is a big hint! Some of you might have already gotten it by just telling you this. The special stage will be very challenging for most of you, and you may not be able to see him often. Don’t be discouraged. He is waiting for you, to battle you!

Also interesting, we find out that Hornet Man was originally going to be the woman Robot Master.

He is just a Honey Bee Robot. Isn’t that way too simple? He was originally to be Honey Woman–a woman robot–but through many redesigning stages, the Honey Bee Robot became a man, and Splash Woman became the first and only woman in the series so far.

Lastly, what are the chances of a Mega Man 10?

HT: This can be answered only by fans’ passion. We have come this far with the fans’ support. If they continue to support Mega Man, we will answer their request by any means. We’d love to hear from you.

Make sure to read the full interview for more comments on Robot Masters, and how Mr. Takeshita would like to see retro gaming become more of its own genre.