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Little King's Story playable at eGames convention

by rawmeatcowboy
14 November 2008
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November 14th 2008 – Melbourne, Australia, will be the setting for the highly anticipated first public debut of Little King’s Story outside of Japan. The eGames expo also marks the first time anywhere in the world that playable code will be available to the public providing a long awaited hands-on experience for this Nintendo Wii title which is due for release in all PAL territories in March 2009.

Rising Star Games international commercial manager, Ben Chalmers-Stevens commented: “We are extremely excited and very proud indeed to be able to give Little King’s Story its first public outing at this year’s eGames expo. We believe we have one of the must-have Wii games for 2009 and showcasing the game at eGames Expo demonstrates Rising Star Games’ continued commitment to launching the best video games content from Japan”.

Rising Star Games will be showcasing Little King’s Story in conjunction with AFA Interactive, its official distribution partner for Australasia, during the opening days of eGames Expo - 14th to 16th November 2008.

In a move rarely seen in the games industry, Little King’s Story is the result of the combined efforts of some of the biggest names in Japanese gaming. Known collectively as the Samurai Six, the Wii-exclusive title features executive producer Yasuhiro Wada (creator of the Harvest Moon series), producer Yoshiro Kimura (director on Chulip), director Yoichi Kawaguchi (main programmer on DragonQuest VIII), character designer Hideo Minaba (character designer on Final Fantasy XII), game designer Norikazu Yasunaga (game designer at Cing, developers of Hotel Dusk and Another Code) and monster designer Kazuyuki Kurashima (monster designer on Super Mario RPG).

Little King’s Story has an art style which is very ‘story-book’ in look and a magical fairy tale quality which will intrigue and delight gamers. The storyline, visual imagery and lyrical music of the game work in concert to transport players to an interactive, enchanting fairytale world. By combining gameplay elements from life-simulation, real-time strategy and adventure genres, the many aspects of creating a vast kingdom come to life. As the King, players will manage and involve their townspeople in the goals of creating this new territory; enlisting them to dig for treasure, build new buildings and otherwise better their community. Of course leadership is a two-way street, so as the King, players must try to conquer rival nations to create a single, unified kingdom whilst also granting the requests of townspeople as he sees fit.

Little King’s Story is due for release in all PAL territories during Q1 2009 and is published by Rising Star Games.