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Reggie - Not enough Wii Fit for the holidays, third parties aren't putting their best content on Wii

by rawmeatcowboy
18 November 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

“(Reggie on holiday hardware/software supplies) With Wii hardware, I think we’ve got a good shot at meeting demand during the holidays. With ‘Wii Fit,’ I know we’ll fall short. That’s a product we have consumers lining up for each morning outside of our Nintendo World store [in New York City].”

“(Reggie on third party Wii support) I will be able to say our licensees ‘get it’ when their very best content is on our platform. And with very few exceptions today, that’s not the case.”

Wow…way to stick it to third parties, Reggie! I think there are a lot of great Wii games, but there’s definitely still plenty of shovelware games that need to be addressed. Is it finally time for Nintendo to step in and block some content from hitting Wii?

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