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Circuit City ad mistake


I hear you actually have to step for every step that Sonic takes. Thanks to BAMtendo for the heads up!

Washing the Hardcore Away

Aren’t you guys tired of the casual versus core arguments? All the bickering, complaining, and ragging on one another? Wouldn’t it be nice if gamers became more accepting of one another? Unfortunately, I think most of the problem comes from core to casual. Are you one of those people?

Article here (thanks Max!)

Top 10 Games on the Wii

Believe it or not, there are a ton of great games on the Wii. I know a lot of us spend time complaining about third party support, but there are actually really fantastic titles out there. You just have to hunt them out. The list below should have something to make any Wii owner happy.

Article here

Holiday 2008: Games to probably avoid

You may know what games to avoid for the holiday season, but there are others that have no idea. Think about all the times you got bad games from family members or friends. Perhaps you should point them in the direction of this list! That is, if you agree with choices on it!

Article here

Cue Sports: Snooker Vs. Billiards - review

A portion of a WiiWare-World review…

If only Hudson had been able to match the charm and atmosphere found in Midnight Pool it would have made the whole package a bit more enticing.

Full review here

Skate It - review

A portion of an Aeropause review…

It is unfortunate that a lot of design and control flaws take down Skate It from a must have Wii title. There is a surprisingly long and challenging single player mode, that gives the player tons of things to do in the world. But when you cannot control any of that action in a stable manner, Skate It ends up eating concrete after a bad grind.

Full review here

‘Second-Hand Memories’

Finally, someone is talking about what I’ve been thinking! I’ve said time and time again that I love the retail experience. I love going to my local game store to buy games, but that’s not all. I form bonds with the employees, share gaming stories, and learn more about the industry that I love. Without that retail shopping experience, how are you going to build those relationships? I think they are really important when it comes to forming your gaming personality.

Article here

Should Obama regulate used game sales?

Used game sales are coming under a lot of fire, both from the industry and gamers alike. The situation is definitely in-need of cleaning up. Does it really require Obama to step in and take care of things?

Article here

The Guitar Hero robot

Direct link here

Harmonix promises lots of DLC tracks for Rock Band 2 Wii, but doesn’t mention release date

Well, we have some good news from Harmonix, and some bad news. The good news is that they plan to bring most of the already-available DLC tracks to the Wii version of Rock Band 2. The bad news…they didn’t say anything about the release date. They know we are wondering what is up, but they stayed quiet!


Top 11 most desired features of the next console generation

We are a sick bunch of people. As soon as one console comes out, we are already talking about the next. What was new yesterday is old today. We just can’t feed our need for new gaming technology! With that said, what features would you want to see in Nintendo’s platform?

Article here

Infinite Space - anime fan sub

Direct link here

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip - review

A portion of a bit-tech review..

Ubisoft has tried to spice things up a bit in the snowboarding genre by bringing an impressive engine and open-world approach to the table, but unfortunately when it comes to sports games it’s always far, far better to have some exciting linear courses rather than poorly mapped white expanses.

Full review here

Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades - review

A portion of a UGO review…

If you have the original Guitar Hero on Tour for the DS then you know exactly what’s in store for you with Decades. It’s the same great game with a new set list, some new stage backgrounds and a some wireless perks.

Full review here

Japanese boxart updates


More here

Mechanic Master - impressions


Impressions here

National Retail Federation surveys to find top girls/boys toys for 2008

2008 Top Toys for Girls
1. Barbie
2. Disney Hannah Montana
3. Dolls (generic)
4. Bratz
5. Nintendo Wii
6. Video Games
7. Elmo
8. Disney High School Musical
9. Disney Princess
10. American Girl

2008 Top Toys for Boys

1. Video Games
2. Nintendo Wii
4. Cars (generic)
5. Transformers
6. Elmo
7. Star Wars
8. Hot Wheels
9. Remote Controlled Vehicles
10. Xbox 360


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