Fatal Frame IV heads to Europe - confirmation from Official Nintendo Magazine


The article from Official Nintendo Magazine has a few paragraphs to it, but I was only including what was necessary to confirm the story. It looks like Fatal Frame IV is indeed heading to Europe. According to the magazine, Nintendo will be publishing in Europe. While there is no official date, we are hearing that February 6th is looking good.

I am sure you are all wondering about a North American release. While the franchise is very well known, I’m not sure Nintendo of America will publish. It’s Reggie’s comment from awhile back that has me thinking this way. The good news is that XSEED seems to be in the know, and while they say they aren’t publishing, it looks like the title has a good shot at a North American release.

If you’re talking about Fatal Frame 4 for the Wii then it’s coming to the US, even though it won’t be by us. Can’t tell you who’s bringing it over, but keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement, hopefully sometime soon. - Ken @ XSEED Games

Let’s hope Nintendo Power springs that information on us via their next issue. Thanks to Seras and DiscipleinAgony for the heads up!

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