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Sonic and the Black Knight to feature multiplayer?

by rawmeatcowboy
07 December 2008
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Sonic and the Secret Rings has come and gone. I remember all the excitement for the game, and while the finished product wasn’t a fantastic game, I still found it to be entertaining. While the main quest had its ups and downs, I thought the multiplayer aspect to be abysmal. I don’t see a need for multiplayer in a Sonic game, but SEGA just doesn’t want to give up.

If you visit the Nintendo Channel and check out the listing for Sonic and the Black Knight, you will see that SEGA has ‘multiplayer battles’ listed for the game. They also mention that it will be 1-4 players. No talk of online on the Nintendo Channel, so I’m guessing this will be another mini-game style outing, just as the last game. Thanks to KnucklesSonic8 for the heads up!