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Factor 5 removes blog about company woes, reassures us that the company is just fine

by rawmeatcowboy
07 December 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

This is an update to an earlier story. Factor 5 employee Sam Baker had said some things in a personal blog that got a few people worried. The story made it to 1up, and then it went onwards from there. Now, Sam Baker has removed the original post, and made this new one to clear things up.

A writer for 1up came across my blog and read some information that was then twisted around and misinterpreted to mean something else. I’d like to clarify what exactly is going on.

Steve Watts of 1UP wrote that I said Factor 5 cut one of their main projects, a comic book superhero game, and that’s a complete lie. It was a big story in the news that we recently lost a publisher, Brash Entertainment, when they went out of business. This does not mean that we’ve stopped production on that game, or that it was ever even in trouble. The other projects currently under way at Factor 5 are doing great. We hadn’t received payment because of the situation with Brash, which is why I said I needed to look elsewhere for work.

Factor 5 is not going under, and I don’t know why Steve Watts quoted me saying so. Don’t believe every rumor that is posted on the internet, especially if it has been spun to create a story that is far from the truth.

Looks like there is no need to worry after all…or Mr. Baker got in big trouble, and had to post a blog retraction! Thanks to Weeman for the heads up.