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To no one's surprise, EA studied Mario Kart when making NASCAR Kart Racing

by rawmeatcowboy
10 December 2008
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“When we looked at the Wii audience, it’s family-based. It’s getting a lot of popularity with the moms, dads and kids. But NASCAR itself is a really family-oriented sport. One of their core business objectives is to appeal to the family. We definitely looked at the title (Mario Kart Wii). We wouldn’t be very bright if we didn’t, because it’s such a successful kart racing title. Mario Kart, when you look at it, is really spread out. There’s not a lot of traffic together most of the time, but in NASCAR there’s a lot of traffic all of the time. You’ll see in this game a lot more traffic and people next to each other, so there’s more opportunity for bumping.” - EA Senior developer director, Ryan Stradling

If they didn’t study Mario Kart Wii, I would be a little worried. I wonder if NASCAR Kart Racing stands any chance of being decent…