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Novtilus contributes to 2 DS titles

by rawmeatcowboy
10 December 2008
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We are very happy and proud to tell you, we have two DS titles released in this quarter of the year. And our company, Novtilus, as an art asset provider, helped produce art contents for both games.

Amazing Adventures The Forgotten Ruins

Released by Popcap, it takes the players to an archeological adventure to a long lost Maya ruin.

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Mystery P.I.: Portrait of a Thief

Released by Popcap, the player becomes a private investigator. Track an art thief to recover missing paintings recently stolen from a private collection.

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Our contribution to both games, largely in hidden-object mini game section. Our diligent artists did painstaking and careful hand works, to produce delicate image works for this section.

With excellent graphics and unique stylus-based controls, we could expect the upcoming success of these wonderful games!

This year, we also helped other clients to produce many successful PC, Wii games, we provide a full spectrum of 2D/3D game asset creation service.

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