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DJ Max Technika DS to feature DSi camera, storage support

by rawmeatcowboy
12 December 2008
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The other day, we learned that DJ Max Technika was going to see a DS release. There will be two versions, and DSi and DS version. Now, Siliconera has posted their full interview with Michael Yum, Executive Producer at PM Studios. From the looks of the interview below, the DSi version will feature both camera and SD storage support, just as we guessed.

S: Some of our readers are asking if there will be a DS or iPhone version of Technika sometime in the future?

Michael Yum, Executive Producer at PM Studios: Actually, we’re working on both.

S: Interesting! Will the iPhone version allow players to upload their own songs to play, like in Tap Tap Revenge?

MY: We’re trying different things with the iPhone. We haven’t really finalized anything right now, but it looks to be a lite version of [Technika] so that players can see what the game is about without having to go to the arcade.

For the DS, we’re trying to do something with the DSi, but it’s a big secret. I can’t tell you what we’re doing with it, but the DS and DSi version will be different. It’ll play on both, but the DSi will have more features.

S: Will there be camera features?

MY: Yes. And storage too.

Full interview here