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Michael Pachter unsure of Take-Two long-term profitability

by rawmeatcowboy
19 December 2008
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“Take-Two extended its employment agreement with key Rockstar employees through January 2012. The terms were not disclosed, but the company stated that bonuses will be a percentage of profits, rather than revenues. In addition, key Rockstar employees will have a controlling stake in a new company that owns any new IP they create, with games funded and published by Take-Two. We think that the dramatic year-over-year decline in earnings reflects the difficulty Take-Two faces in sustaining consistent profitability. With the new Rockstar deal, we question whether the company will be able to replicate its past profitability. It is possible that as old brands fade and new brands are created within the new Rockstar-controlled entity, shareholder value will shift to Rockstar employees. Until we have greater visibility, we advise investors to remain on the sidelines.

“We expect Take-Two to generate FY09 revenues from GTA that are less than half the level in FY08. The year-over-year decline will trigger a substantial decline in earnings. We are lowering our FY09 estimates for revenue to USD 1.2 billion from USD 1.35 billion, and for non-GAAP EPS to USD 0.10 from USD 1.10. We are initiating FY10 estimates for revenue of USD 1.55 billion, and non-GAAP EPS of USD 2.10. Our FY10 estimate presumes another instalment of Grand Theft Auto in 2010.” - Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter

Well, the Houser bros. just resigned with Take-Two, so I’m sure they’re cooking up some ideas that will pan out well for Take-Two. Then again, you never think the mighty could fall, but look how far EA has dropped.