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Clover Studio Q &A

by rawmeatcowboy
12 October 2006
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Q: Can you explain briefly why Clover Studio has been decided to be dissolved?

A: Clover Studio (CS) was established in July 2004 by Capcom in order to create new types of titles. Then, the titles such as Viewtiful Joe, Okami and God Hand were produced. At the same time, R&D at Capcom also produced some new types of titles such as Dead Rising and Lost Planet and they were regarded highly at game shows such as E3. Reviewing the existing R&D organization, we have reached the conclusion that we should be centralizing all the resources rather than running two companies. Therefore, disbandment of CS was decided.

Q: We’ve heard that the famous creators such as [Resident Evil creator] Mr. [Shinji] Mikami, [Okami producer] Mr. [Atsushi] Inaba and [Devil May Cry director] Mr. [Hideki] Kamiya have quit, is this true? Why didn’t they come back to Capcom?

: Mr. Mikami had already left Capcom in November 2005 but signed on a separate contract with us. Mr. Inaba and Mr. Kamiya have also left Capcom in June and July of this year respectively. Naturally, we had hoped that Mr. Inaba and Mr. Kamiya to come back to us, however, both of them told us that they wanted a new challenge at a new environment. As far as Capcom’s concerned, now all the resources should be used more effectively and more efficiently since they are centralized.

Q: Apparently, CS had 64 staff at the setup of the company, what happened to those people?

Read the full interview here

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