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Japan - DSi sells over a million, DS totals at 24 million+

by rawmeatcowboy
22 December 2008
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Hey, did you know that the DS was popular?! Of course you did…you’ve been following the news for quite some time! I sure hope you aren’t tired of the DS reaching new milestones, because that’s just what happened in Japan.

As of today, the DSi has managed to sell over a million units in Japan. If you’re looking for exact figures, the DSi sits at 1,062,416 as of today. Not too bad for a bad for a system that just launched!

Let’s not forget about DS total sales though. With help from the DSi, the Nintendo DS line has sold upwards of 24 million in Japan. Once again, for those interested in specific figures, total Japanese sales are at 24,859,874.