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Monster Hunter 3 - more details

by rawmeatcowboy
25 December 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Some old, some new details…

MH3 Tri
- New area: Desert
├ areas/caves that that sunlight cannot reach
├ Swordfish like monsters that attack in groups
└ Huge ants

- New monster: Volvolos
├ Lives in the desert
├ covers itself in mud to protect from sunlight/heat
├ Breathes by sticking its nose above the mud
├ attacks with an upward head thrust
├ attacks by shaking off hardened mud
├ if you get hit by mud attacks, you will be unable to attack, and your movement speed will decline
└ uses ‘bind voice’ ability which makes hunters cover their ears

- Rathian
├ New spitting fire move that will have a big area effect
├ New move by using its talons to trap a hunter and bite them
└ When stamina decreases, it will fall down during charge or there will be no fire when it is spitting

- Ragiakurusu
├ different movements on land/sea
├ Electric attack will stun players
└ Will rest underwater to regenerate health

- Once underwater gauge runs out, health will decrease
- Regenerate by getting above water or air bubbles.
- New feature: Action Point: shortcut to mining, catching bugs etc by pressing A
- 40% complete
- 2009 release