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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop not quite at 100 zombies

by rawmeatcowboy
26 December 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

“When we first saw Chop Till You Drop in action, there were a few zombies shuffling about onscreen, and we assumed that was the most we were going to get. Capcom’s been working to address the zombie-less zombie game issue, and the undead count has increased considerably since then. Currently the number doesn’t look quite like the hundred Capcom was aiming for, but it’s still a lot – enough to make running through the mall to rescue people feel hazardous, at least. - Nintendo Power

Is the 100 on-screen zombie number a game-maker/breaker for you? Will you ignore the game due to the lack of 100 on-screen zombies, or are you still interested?