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Why the Wii and Xbox are killing Sony's PS3

by rawmeatcowboy
29 December 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

I own a Wii, PS3, and 360. I can say that without a doubt, I play my Wii and 360 much more than my PS3. The last thing I played on the PS3 was Home, just to check it out. Before that, it was Metal Gear Solid 4…which I am yet to finish. Between what the Wii and 360 offer, I just don’t find much use for my PS3. Perhaps if I were more of a movie buff, I would get some Blu-Ray usage.

Now…I’m a core gamer. The expanded audience probably doesn’t even know about the PS3. They know that the Wii let’s them swing around their hands to play games, and that’s what they like. Simple games, simple graphics, and easy to grasp goals. It’s easy to see why these new gamers are heading to Nintendo’s side.

PS3 and 360 share a ton of games. There are a lot of multi-platform games, but I think most people would rather play those titles on the 360. They get a better online experience, and they’ve had the achievement point system from the start.

So…that covers the Wii and 360 markets. Could these reasons point to why Nintendo and Microsoft are trouncing Sony?

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