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World of Goo wins Game of the Year at Game Tunnel's 7th Annual Independent Game of the Year Awards

by rawmeatcowboy
30 December 2008
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December 30, 2008 — Towering over all other games, World of Goo was the 2008 winner of the Independent Game of the Year award. The award, the culminating event of Game Tunnel’s 7th Annual Game of the Year awards, is given each year to the most outstanding Independent Video Game.

The GameTunnel Independent Game of the Year awards have been established to honor ingenuity, innovation and excellence in Independent Games. This year’s awards began December 6th with the Sports Game of the Year award and have continued through 3 weeks and 13 categories finishing with the Top 10 Independent Games of the Year and World of Goo taking the top spot.

“World of Goo is one of those games that really shows what Indie is all about,” said Russell Carroll, editor-In-Chief at GameTunnel. “It was created on a shoestring, fueled by the passion of two people who did whatever it took to make their game. Their passion is evident throughout the game. It’s a fantastic game to play and it has been tremendous tosee World of Goo getting so much mainstream awareness. It was an easy pick as our Independent Game of the Year winner this year.”

While World of Goo was the winner, it was only one of 40 different games that were included in the 2008 awards.

“In covering something as unique as Indie games, it’s always been our pleasure to highlight a large number of games in our awards. The fact is that many of these games are not as fortunate as World of Goo and are completely unknown to the gaming public. There are hundreds of Indie games released each year, and we’re happy to be able to do these awards to make the public aware of a few gems that they might have otherwise missed.”

An article of the Top 10 games that also provides reviews and links to all the award winners can be found at: The list of all award categories and winners is as follows:

IndependentGame of the Year - World of Goo

Genre Winners:

Action Game of the Year - Everyday Shooter

Puzzle Game of the Year - World of Goo

Adventure Game of the Year - Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!

RPG Game of the Year - The Spirit Engine 2

Sim Game of the Year - Democracy 2

Sports Game of the Year - New Star Soccer 4

Strategy Game of the Year - Battle of Tiles

Technical Categories:

Game of the Year: Graphics - World of Goo

Game of the Year: Sound - Everyday Shooter

Game of the Year: Innovation - Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!

Game of the Year: Multiplayer - Multiwinia

Special Award:

Arthouse Game of the Year - Gravitybone


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