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Bubble Bobble Revolution DS production issues confirmed *UPDATE*

by rawmeatcowboy
14 October 2006
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Reader Jumpman64 picked himself up a copy of Bubble Bobble Revolution for the DS. He noticed that the game was so extremely buggy that it was unplayable. Jumpman64 got in touch with Codemasters, and they sent him this response.


” We have been looking very hard into this issue with Nintendo and have now determined that all of the cartridges that have been shipped in North America are faulty.

Needless to say we are extremely sorry that this situation has arisen and would like to apologise to you for this issue.

We have already started the process whereby a corrected version is to be manufactured and will ensure that all customers have their copies replaced. Unfortunately this will take 8-10 weeks (simply because of the time required to manufacture new carts). We will update you with what you will need to do to get a replacement game, as soon as this has been determined.”

Long story short, don’t pick yourself up a copy of Bubble Bobble Revolution! Not yet anyways…

UPDATE - We now have a video of the major glitch

Direct link here