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Infinite Interactive bringing Deathbringer to Wii - game details

by rawmeatcowboy
08 January 2009
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Deathbringer is an an action RPG with puzzle elements. It will be set in a relatively uncivilized portion of the Warlords world of Etheria, full of entertaining characters: sinister wizards, huge mythic beasts, evil overlords and mysterious, unexplored forests and mountains.

There are persistent heroes with multiple classes, and the classic addictive gameplay of a puzzle – exactly like Puzzle Quest. There will be lots of replayability with random dungeon elements, multiple modes of play, and dozens of meaningful side quests that may be played at any time, once unlocked in the main story.

Key Features:

* Real-time, fast-action puzzle gameplay.
* Persistent Heroes who can be saved and carried over from dungeon to dungeon.
* Multiplayer support for up to 2 player cooperative gamplay.
* Multiple Hero Skill Trees to choose from – all with unique attacks & abilities.
* Companion Mode, where an intelligent AI companion (with player defined action scripts) accompanies the player, to complement the player’s skills. There are 4 companions to choose from. Companions are persistent just like heroes - each Companion will grow over time, gaining skills as they adventure with the hero. There will also be 5 hidden familiars that can only be found through completing hard side quests.
* Extensibility via an open architecture that allows new dungeons & monsters to be added to the game after release.
* Over 100 Magic Items for heroes to use.
* Spell System which is simple, fun and spectacular.
* Multiple Dungeons to adventure in – all with detailed and exciting level-design.
* Simple interface which should be familiar to most console & PC gamers.
* Replayability via hero skills & combinations, and also random dungeon elements and extensible items.
* High quality graphics developedfor Infinite’s Sage Engine.
* Excellent Music - High quality soundtrack featuring thematic music, and dynamic music support.
* High quality sound effects, including plenty of speech and all manner of magical whooshes and crashes, all in 3d positional sound!