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From the Abyss - website open, screens

by rawmeatcowboy
19 January 2009
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From the Abyss

“From the Abyss” is a hack ‘n slash RPG in the spirit of true video gaming for the Nintendo DS™! Explore the vast world of Rubenhaut and fight huge monsters with swords, spells and special abilities! A fast paced & action packed game for gamers!

You can now discover more on the vast world of Rubenhaut through THE OFFICIAL TRAILER available NOW on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE: a lot of videos, goodies, screenshots, and information about the game on



• Explore your own unique Abyss!

In the endangered world of Rubenhaut, every time you start a new journey the game will randomly generate a custom world for a unique experience each time!

• Customize your character!

Distribute skill points that will define your character’s powers and destiny. Will you go the way of the sword or be a powerful spell caster?

• A hack’n slash on DS!

Lots of videos to give you sneak peak of the innovating game system with real-time combat!

• Capture your enemy’s soul!

Steal the enemy’s skills and use them to turn the tide of battle! More than 45 skills available in the game to improve your hero!

• Fight huge monsters!

Discover your evil opponents throughout the game and get ready to level up!

• Co-op Mode!

Wirelessly connect with a friend and fight together to defeat the Demon Lord of the Abyss in an enthralling 2 player co-op battle system!

• Exclusive goodies!

Wallpapers and avatars based on the From the Abyss universe… For real fans only!

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About the game

Genre: Hack ‘n slash

Platform: NDS

Publisher: Nobilis

Developer: Sonic Powered

Release date: Q1 2009

Official website: