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We are going to get this game on the Wii - n-Space's 'Winter' is without a publisher (fan petition pops up)

by rawmeatcowboy
20 January 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0


Here it is, IGN is actually coming clean on the dark title that they said was in the works for the Wii. This is the title that doesn’t have a publisher. This is the new game that GoNintendo and its readers are going to help get a publisher…I’m ready to do all I can.

The good news is, N-Space is still interested in getting the game out. They just need a publisher to make it happen. This is is a portion of an IGN interview with n-Space president Dan O’Leary and studio creative director Ted Newman.

IGN: Finally, the obvious question: do you still want to release Winter for Wii? Would you do it if publishers showed an interest?

Dan: Of course. We’re very pleased with what we were able to do in such a short time and would welcome the right opportunity to pick up where we left off. Meanwhile, we’ve kept very busy with a lot of great titles, many of which the Winter playable helped us land.

I’m emailing Mr. Casamassina right now to get the ball rolling on some type of campaign to raise awareness of this game, and get a publisher for this title. Please…leave a comment on this post and pledge your interest. These are the types of games we want on the Wii.

More screens and developer interview here

It took less than an hour, and someone has already started a petition. I know these sort of things are hit and miss, but it can’t hurt. Click here to sign the petition.