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Capcom on Wii

by rawmeatcowboy
19 October 2006
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A portion of a GameDaily Biz interview with Capcom VP of Marketing Charles Bellfield. Wii titles are on the way, but no details are given.

: With regards to PS3 and Wii, why doesn’t Capcom support those systems at launch?

CB: I will tell you quite categorically, we do not see being on a launch schedule as rewarding to us as being six to nine months later.

BIZ: So it’s a wait-and-see approach? You’re waiting for the respective installed bases to build up before diving in?

: Yes. And we look forward to giving support to all the platform companies based on their install base. We’re a business at the end of the day. We have funny things called shareholders and we have to give them a return on their investment, and be fiscally responsible too. So, we love everybody also based on their installed bases [laughs].

BIZ: With that in mind though, hypothetically speaking, because Sony is having some initial production issues with the PS3—only 500,000 shipped at launch and nothing in Europe until next year—and Nintendo seems to be producing millions of Wiis, it’s easy to see a scenario where the competitors’ installed bases are substantially higher than the PS3. And that would have an impact on Capcom’s platform strategy.

CB: I agree with you. It would do it, but it would do it for a different reason than I think you think. The whole mindset and mentality of Capcom is we follow the decisions that consumers make, that gamers make. Essentially, consumers and gamers are making the decision of what hardware they’re going to buy and we’ll make our choice based on what they choose… At the end of the day we look to consumers and gamers to tell us what they want, and by their decision to spend their money on hardware we listen to them. Capcom is a gamer’s company; they are at the center of everything we do.

BIZ: Looking at the Wii, it’s such a different and unique approach that it will really require new ideas from developers if they really want to tap into what Nintendo’s machine can offer. Capcom is obviously filled with a lot of talent; any unique Wii ideas already in progress?

: There’s lots I’d love to share with you, but if I did and as soon as you posted it, the first thing I’d have is [our PR staff] in my office chopping my head off. But I can say to you, yes I’ve seen what we’ve got in development and yes, it’s highly innovative and creative, and there are things that we will make you do as a gamer on the Wii with our content that you’ll be excited about, you’ll be embarrassed about, but thoroughly enjoy.

BIZ: The Wii is interesting though because although it has a lot of potential, there’s also the risk that gamers will either physically get tired of moving their hands or arms around, or they will simply get tired of the idea of playing in that way. What are your thoughts on the lasting appeal of that type of new gameplay?

More Wii talk in the full article, but only on the third page. Check it out here