Reader Kagami's Fusion Tour Wii impressions

Good weekend fodder for you guys to sift through. Always nice to see the impressions from various people.

Well, I finally got my hands on the Wii remote yesterday, which turned out to feel great because of its perfect size and weight. I didn’t get very much time to examine, however, since I was intently playing the games, but I managed to find some free seconds in-between game time to look. I arrived about two hours ahead of time, and there weren’t many people in front. By the time the doors were about to open, there was a long, winding line back behing me.

Once I went inside, I made my way to about fourth in line for Zelda. As it was my turn, I suddenly decided to wait on playing this game, so I ended up backing out of my position (crazy?).

Excite truck was my next destination. As soon as I got the remote in my hands, I was so excited that I forgot to put on the hand strap; the Wii guards promptly scolded me. This game played very well. I kept wanting to reach my thumb over to turn with a joystick, but I remembered that I just needed to turn the remote :x . The steering felt a little awkward at first, but I got used to it and ended up finishing 1st.

On to Wii boxing. I was really getting into this game, but it didn’t really feel so much like the punches were going where I wanted them to. I got a little better in the third round, but it still felt somewhat the same; fun with two people, but not as genuine feeling as some of the other sports..to me at least.

Wario Ware was definitely a fun title, with the running to the finish line game (me running in place) being my personal favorite. It felt very natural when performing the movements for each game. The demo was too short to satisfy my Wario Ware needs, but this is a game I will have to buy on its release.

Wii baseball came after that, which ended up surprising me the most. I really didn’t expect much from this game, as I dislike baseball, but I just wanted to play this all night! I almost scored ten in the first inning, and everyone thought my hitting streak would never end! Unfortunately, some hooligan tripped over the power chord a short time later and disconnected about three of the Wiis. Pitching wasn’t as satisfying as hitting, but was still fun.

Next, Tennis. I was looking forward to this the most, since I play tennis quite often. It ended up being very fun. I was surprised that I could put spin on the ball, even though I had already known this. I was not disappointed that I was unable to control where the players went, as I thought it was easier to fully concentrate on the swing. This demo was too short as well, and I was angry I was unable to play longer.

Lastly was Wii bowling. I thought this game was fun, but not as exciting as baseball and tennis. The ball did feel like it was going where it should, so it felt life-like in that respect. A very nice game to be included in Wii sports.

I never experienced any technical issues with the games, but I did notice the occasional mis-communication when I watched others. I’m not sure if this had to do with the position to the sensor bar or not, but I wouldn’t expect this to happen in a home environment, once you get things set up the way you want. Overall, I’m even more excited about buying the Wii once it comes out; I just wish I would have gotten a longer playing time with some of the demos.

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