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IGN says 'very little' publisher movement concerning Fragile localization...and I cry

by rawmeatcowboy
05 February 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0

We linked this story in our IGN Updates feature, but I wanted to make sure you caught it.

IGN has put together a feature discussing Japanese titles that we’d love to see in the states. When looking at Wii titles, IGN included Fragile in their list. This is a title that I, as well as many other GN readers would like to see localized. Unfortunately, their outlook doesn’t seem to positive.

Publisher movement so far: Very little. Namco’s U.S. subsidiary recently revealed to IGN that it has no current plans to release the game in America this year. Meanwhile, Xseed Games, which has made a name for itself by picking up high-profile Japanese releases, said it had looked at the title and found it to be very interesting. There is also hope that a major third-party publisher like Ubisoft, which recently released Tenchu: Shadow Assassins in America (and before that, No More Heroes) might try to nab Fragile for U.S. release, but absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support such hope.

I can’t tell you how discouraging that is. We see tons of shovelware titles hit the Wii, yet a new and original title like this has trouble getting localized. We’ve reported on XSeed’s comments before, and I really hope that they come through on this one. If you guys leave some comments for XSeed, I would be happy to forward them on.