Madden NFL 07 Wii minigame talk

Q: Talk about the 2-on-2 mini game. What’s that about?

EA SPORTS: 2-on-2 is really schoolyard football. The game’s objective is to score as many points (through touchdowns) as you can. There are 4 players total on the field: a QB and receiver on offense, and a DB and Linebacker on defense. You get 4 downs on offense, then you switch to 4 plays on defense, then switch back. We’ve also got some really cool controls in 2-on-2 as well. Just like school yard football, you have to count down before you can rush the QB. So in 2-on-2, you have to count to 5 Mississippi’s. That said, if you drum your controllers up and down, you can speed up the Mississippi count, and are able to rush the QB faster. We also using the drumming FreeMotion™ control for sprint boost as well. By pressing the 2 button, you become the legs of your teammate on offense and defense. By drumming up and down as fast as you can, you’ll give your teammate an extra speed burst. The last cool 2-on-2 control is the ability to buzz your teammate’s controller. Press the A button on offense to buzz you’re teammate’s controller and let him know you’re that you’re open, or, that you’re about to pass the ball.

Q: Describe the Y.A.C. Attack mini game.

EA SPORTS: Y.A.C. attack is a 4 player every man for himself Mini game. The goal is to complete passes to a receiver on offense and then gain as many yards after the catch as possible. You’ll get more points for gaining yards after the catch. It’s a round-based mini game, so each player gets one turn on offense per round. When they’re on defense, they’re assigned a DB, and a receiver that they have to cover, and stop their opponent from throwing the ball to. You’ll get bonus points for things like: touchdowns, interceptions, sacking the QB, or forcing an incomplete pass.

: What’s this I hear about affecting kicks with wind?

EA SPORTS: In kicking combine, one of our unique multiplayer mini-games, players who aren’t kicking can drum their controllers up and down, and press the Control stick to in any direction to blow wind in the direction that the control stick is pressed. This way they’re able to make it harder for the kicker to get the most points. The kicker also had drum up and down right after he’s kicked the ball to help his kick with wind too!

Full interview here (link currently down, keep checking back)


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