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New WiiWare title announced - Diatomic

by rawmeatcowboy
16 February 2009
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Diatomic is a hectic arcade action title that focuses on making choices between defensive or offensive play. The player controls a diatomic protagonist equipped with a deadly tail that can be used as a whip or curled around its body as a shield. Defend your petri dish and destroy the invading diatoms. Collect the mystic spinergy power ups and engage in the all-devastating spinball move to obliterate your enemies. Stack bonus after bonus, hold the multipliers and become top-dog at the leader boards.

Diatomic does share some similarities with Geometry Wars in the sense that it’s true to form arcade gameplay. Our graphics also have a vibrant touch to them, just like diatoms under an electronic microscope.

The pace and play style themselves couldn’t differ more. Diatomic is very physical, as the player needs to whip the tail to destroy enemies, or to shield itself from their attacks and ricochet incoming fire.

Official website here