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Spectral Force: Genesis - details, boxart

by rawmeatcowboy
16 February 2009
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Spectral Force will make its first European appearance on the Nintendo DS this Q2 2009. The game features over 150 characters, a high level of strategic gameplay and a truly epic story. It’s quite simply the perfect introduction to the Spectral Force series and the fantasy world of Neverland.

Neverland is one of the most imaginative and ambitious universe’s in gaming today. Neverland is a fantasy world which has its own history and mythology. A world where gods reside in heaven, the dead in the underworld, and humans, demons, and various other races struggle for dominance against each other on the earth. Any game based in Neverland captures a moment in its chronology and Spectral Force Genesis takes place in the year 1064 at the start of another brutal war. In Spectral Force Genesis players will be able to select a country, and are given complete freedom to choose whether to unite the warring factions through diplomacy, or rule by force.


* A very complete tactical RPG game
o One goal: conquer the world (you start as the ruler of a single country)
o Battle strategies, troop placements, and an extensive view of the battefield
o Various management aspects to deal with (Human affairs, diplomacy, taxation, homeland affairs, offense)
* A brilliant RPG facet
o The possibility to hire powerful heroes to increase strike force
o As the player prograss these heroes will evolve and grow in strength
* True and unique Real Time Strategy combat
o The player will control armies using the stylus in real time