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UK - Retailers left speechless, shocked after Wii price hike

by rawmeatcowboy
12 March 2009
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The response from retail outlets in the UK concerning the Wii price hike has been nothing short of staggering. Some retailers don’t even know what to say, letting the press know that they haven’t even had time to fully digest the news in order to present a statement. Long story short, it looks like all retailers, big and small. are none too pleased with what Nintendo has decided to do. Analysts may say that Nintendo’s choice was understandable, but retailers don’t have to enjoy that.

I’ve rounded up some articles that show you what various retailers have to say about the situation. They range from expected to very displeased…but none of them are happy.

Retail ponders Wii street price rise

Consumers to be hit by Wii price rise

Retailer complains of “no margin” following Wii price hike