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ExciteBots - more details from Nintendo Power (online play!)

by rawmeatcowboy
12 March 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0

This info comes from the latest issue of Nintendo Power. I’ll only be posting the info that’s new…

- control pad for continuous boost
- hold control pad too long and you’ll overheat
- more challenge modes than ExciteTruck
- online for up to six players
- more online details yet to be revealed
- unlock tracks/bots in Excite Race
- tutorial mode ‘School Cup’ must be completed
- complete five tracks in each cup (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) to move onto the next
- race tracks in any order
- need a B rank or higher to pass
- new tracks and some old ExciteTruck tracks return
- locations: Kilimanjero, Egypt, Canada, China
- as seen in trailer, there are red bars and yellow bars.
- yellow bars: “Once you reach a yellow bar, your bot grips onto it and instantly spins around at lightning speed, and you need to find the exact time to push your Remote forward so that your bot is released. The sooner you can push and release your bot off the yellow bar, the faster the release acceleration and the more points you earn. But if you push at the wrong time, your bot will tumble off the bar. The yellow bar requires instant concentration while at the same time adding even more speed to the race.”- Hiro Yamada, Supervisor at Nintendo and Richard Garcia, Team Lead and President of Monster Games
- red bars: “When your bot reaches a red bar, your bot automatically grabs it and starts to rotate around the bar at a very slow speed. Syncing your Wii Remote movement with your bot on the red bar is critical to increasing the speed of rotation. Spinning around the red bar 10 times releases your bot. [Just before a red bar] you’ll be racing at full speed, but once you reach it you’ll have to hold back your anticipation to carefully control your Remote, something which ultimately creates an intense change of pace in the gameplay.” - Hiro Yamada, Supervisor at Nintendo and Richard Garcia, Team Lead and President of Monster Games
- New attack items: Chomper Mouth (fake teeth that are shot and then latch onto opponent)
- Mini-games: Soccer goal kicks, darts, football field goals, pie throwing and more
- completing mini-games unlocks hidden items, such as new routes on tracks
- more on unlockables: “There will be numerous icons that can be unlocked one-by-one and then used for your profile, so that your friends and competitors can see the icon of your choosing during tournaments via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The most exciting is probably statues since you can collect a statue for each vehicle. By purchasing these unlockable statues, you’ll be able to admire your favorite bot from all angles. These new bots, icons, and statues can be purchased by stars that you earn throughout the game.” - Hiro Yamada, Supervisor at Nintendo and Richard Garcia, Team Lead and President of Monster Games
- techno-like soundtrack