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Excitebots - more exciting details

by rawmeatcowboy
20 March 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0

- bots have weight, grip, boost power, and boost longevity stats
- available from the start: frog, beetle, ladybug, bat, turtle, and grasshopper
- win races, get stars, unlock new bots
- four stock colors, seven unlockable ones, and one special design
- bots available for purchase at beginning of game: mouse, mantis, and hummingbird
- rubber-band bars act as a trampoline for more tricks
- question mark boxes morph terrain/open shortcuts/start micro-challenges
- only the person that opens the box gets the challenge
- bottle rocket can be used to boost
- hammer smashes the ground and causes shockwaves
- tambourine plays “Shave and a haircut” tune, but you have to tap A for the “two bits” part. Do so and earn stars
- collect wrench to transform into bipedal bot
- slam down left/right alternately to sprint
- hit ramps while running to transform into a glider bot
- tilt up for loft, tilt down for speed
- collect butterflies while gliding, land on a sunflower to get even more stars
- online mode: Poker Race mode - three specific tracks, each player given a hand of 5 cards while racing, select cards to swap-out with d-pad, run into cards to pick them up, press A to call your hand and cash it in, poker rules apply, and higher hand gets you more stars
- two specific control styles alongside Wii Wheel support
- SD music support from first game not in this build, not ruled out yet
- Egypt, Scotland, Mexico, China, Kilimanjaro, Finland and more


More details, screens here