Dylan Cuthbert clears up his Miyamoto, StarFox, Wii comments

Sounds like Mr. Cuthbert had a few of his statements taken out of context. He’s obviously caught word of what was said, and wanted to make a point to clear things up.

” Um.. just like to point out here that I wasn’t having a dig at Miyamoto at all. I was just explaining how he works - he gets on and does his thing. He is an amazing creator and that’s what amazing creators do.

And the comment regarding not wanting to make a Wii Starfox is clear, it would take a very large team and right now I am having a lot of fun with smaller teams. That’s all there is to it really. That’s how I intended the comment not as “Dylan spurns Starfox, shock horror!”.

I also say the Wii is “more” of a toy and it is. It’s not derogatory, the Wii is a great machine with lots of bells and whistles and this makes it feel (to me) to be more toy-like. In comparison the PS3/XBOX360 are more “media center”-like.”

If you missed out Mr. Cuthber’s comments, you can see the original story here. Thanks to CronoSonic for the heads up!

Link (page 4 of comments)

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