Wii Opera browser Q&A

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Will Opera Devices for Wii be 100% complete to the console launch, or will users have to wait for days/weeks before they can use the browser?

-To be disclosed later.

2. Will there be support for keyboard/mouse via the USB-ports on the console?

-To be disclosed later.

3. Will the browser support Java, Javascript or browser-based IRC clients?

-The Opera browser on Wii is based on Opera 9 and will include the same standards support. However, Java is not included.

4. What measures will Opera use to filter out porn and other offensive content? Will there be a parental control function on the browser if children is to use the console?

-Nintendo is a very family-oriented company and as such they always take measures to keep their products safe and appropriate for people of all ages. Nintendo has previously announced that there will be parental control functionality on the console, and this will of course include the browser.

5. Will there be support for gesture-based navigation, where you move the Wiimote in a pattern to activate functions. E.G. A quick jab to the left to go back one page?

-We aim to make a browsing experience that leverages the intuitive capabilities of the Wii remote. As you are aware Opera for Desktop does include mouse gesture-based navigation, however Nintendo has not yet announced whether this will be included in Wii.

6. Will there be a virtual on-screen keyboard, and how will this work?

-Many devices today that are running Opera do not have an external keyboard but rather use an on-screen keyboard - Opera works quite well in this way. We have been working closely with Nintendo to find the best way to use meet this challenge. More information will be revealed later.

7. Will Opera for Wii be compatible with Nintendo DS, so the user can use this one’s touch sensitive screen as a keyboard or other tasks?

-To be disclosed later.

8. What about flash-based sites, will these be optimal on Wii?

-Yes, Flash is supported in the Opera browser for Wii.

9. The DS version of Opera’s browser has been praised for it’s ease of use, but also been critizised for loading pages slowly, and have a minimal support like Java and Flash. How have you dealt with these critics, and will we see improvements in the Wii version?

-Opera created a browsing experience that is unique to the Nintendo DS, and optimized to suit the capabilities of the device. This is not a device that was originally intended to surf the Internet, so it was a challenge to offer full Web browsing on it. The DS Browser does come with an added memory card to support the browser, but this experience will still be slower than your typical desktop surfing experience. There are however ways to speed things up. By disabling images and surfing the the fit-to-width mode - same as Small Screen Rendering on mobile - you are able to browse faster and more efficiently. When it comes to the Wii, there were no limitations. The Wii Internet experience promises to fast and easy to use, as there were no challenges concerning device limitations in the development of this browser.

10. How will the browser work on popular sites that streams videos, like YouTube, Google Video, etc.?

-Yes, you will be able to watch Youtube and Google videos as there is a Flash plug-in with the browser.

11. How will the browser work on popular sites that has flash or java-based games, like Addictinggames.com or Games.com?

-The Flash plug-in on the Wii does not support Java applets, so you will not be able to play Java-based games on the console.

12. Does Wii have any technical limitation or faults that has hindered the development of the browser? Are you happy with the punch the console gives, or did you have to cut a few corners to get the browser operational? Any positive sides about it?

-The Nintendo Wii is an extremely powerful device, and one that lends itself very well to Web-browsing. Our challenge has been to take all the unique functionality in the Wii and create a browsing experience that matches the overall Wii experience. The Wii console provided absolutely no drawbacks or hinderances for developing a browser, but rather a multitude of options for functionality in the browser. We are extremely excited about the outcome and hope that the fans find browsing on the TV as fun and convenient as we do.

13. What was the meaning of letting Opera be free up till the summer of 2007, but then take payment for users buying the console after this?

-Nintendo has not yet announced specific information on how exactly Opera will be available and/or sold after the first six months of free availability.

14. Will it be possible to choose your language? If yes, is Norwegian one of these?

-Nintendo will provide regional versions of the Wii, including a European version. I do not believe Nintendo has confirmed at this time whether Norwegian will be an optional language available on the European version.


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