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EA discusses Heroic and Showtime levels for BOOM BLOX Bash Party

by rawmeatcowboy
09 April 2009
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We showed you the screenshots of these new levels just yesterday, but now we have details on each new level theme.

Inspired by the classic conflict between heroes and villains, the Heroic world takes players from the rooftops of a cityscape with a lovable Super Pig hero to the lair of an evil mastermind monkey villain. Rescue helpless characters from teetering towers of blox! Sling the Super Pig into towers of gleaming point blox! Bash your way through the incredible machines the evil bunny and his robot henchmen have built in their underwater lair!

The Show Time world delivers all the magic and wonder of the stage. Join the show, complete with acrobats, blazing lights and a crowd that cheers you on! Throw paint balls to set off matching chain reactions of cascading colored blox! Sling kittens to topple gem blox! Or use the new slingshot tool to propel point blox and score big! Hear the crowd roar as you put on the performance of a lifetime!

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