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Reggie on GameTrailers TV - info breakdown: Giga Mac announced for Punch-Out!!, Reggie wants to best Xbox Live, and more

by rawmeatcowboy
09 April 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0

I just watched the most recent GameTrailers TV, and here’s the pertinent info worth pulling…

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- at E3, we may find out a release date for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
- When Geoff brings up the idea of a Mario WiiWare title, Reggie seems to think that a project like that might not be the best idea
- Giga Mac announced for Punch-Out. This is a character that is available in 2-player Vs. mode. It seems like a power-up that builds as you trade blows. Once activated, Mac becomes a larger, more brutish version of himself.
- Reggie admires Microsoft’s online features, and would like to be better than Xbox Live
- Reggie says it’s hard for him to say something nice about PS3
- Reggie says that all of GameTrailers fans will love E3