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Bear Hugger, Don Flamenco confirmed for Punch-Out!! Wii

by rawmeatcowboy
13 April 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0


Game Informer got the goods on two more classics returning in Punch-Out!! Wii. The article also contains a few details about how the fighters are bringing the pain this time around.

Don Flamenco

- taunts you into fighting, then counters with a maraca uppercut
- Don will taunt with a Uno, Dos, Tres, and then unleash a three hooks followed by an uppercut
- knock off Don’s toupee to really get him riled up

Bear Hugger

- big into showing off his belly moves
- bear hug returns
- still makes his raspberry face

Huge thanks to Hylianheroloz for the heads up!

It’s scary just how much I look like Bear Hugger…