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iPhone dev - App store allows much lower entry point than console distribution, pay schedules work out better

by rawmeatcowboy
23 April 2009
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“The cost of entry to a developer is way lower, you can control your own destiny by way of managing your own pricing and marketing, and you get paid monthly instead of quarterly, which does wonders for your ability to survive as a ‘free’ man. You can buy a top of the range Mac, download the SDK and pay for the dev license and any other dev-requiring software license for less than any of the big three’s dev kits. You may even be able to afford two or three of these setups depending on who we’re comparing things with. The other major distribution platforms (can’t speak for Steam) also only pay you quarterly, whereas you’re paid monthly by Apple.” - Dan Boutros, Adept-Games

Mr. Boutros had more to say about the iPhone app store in comparison to the big 3 distribution methods on consoles. Click here to see his full comments