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Walmart Wii launch details

by rawmeatcowboy
08 November 2006
GN 1.0 / 2.0

The picture of the Wii Walmart flyer we recieved last week has made the rounds on the internet. That same picture eventually made it’s way to Joystiq, who have done some research to get the real info on a Wii midnight launch. First up, the info from their original post (which we posted on last week).

* Software and accessories are not street dated, stores can put those out upon receipt

* Price is $249.24 (75 cents cheaper and matches NeoGaf poster price)

* 11/16, Wii product will arrive direct to Wal-Mart stores. Same day, the accessories for Wii will be set out

* 11/18, at 10PM, tickets will be passed out for midnight sales

* Start selling Wii on 11/19 at 12:01AM

* Our tipster said he had 50 Wii tickets, but the actual amount of units arriving is unknown. (should be no less than 20)

Now the info from their recent findings

* A Walmart midnight launch has not been confirmed, even though the flyer clearly states it

* Wii preorders are online only, but have currently been closed due to high demand. They may reopen them before the 19th

* RUMOR - All Walmarts should have a cardboard display case filled with *Wii Buyer’s Guide* if they don’t have one already

* RUMOR - Walmarts are restocking Cube supplies due to the backwards compatibility of the Wii