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Red Steel 2 - more info

by rawmeatcowboy
09 May 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0

- correct angle and force of a swing are important
- you can enter an options menu that allows you to change the force necessary to perform powerful swings
- flick Wiimote to pull out sword
- quick on-the-fly weapon switching, no inventory
- quick-time event for enemy parry, when the situation comes up
- once you fire a shot, enemies will charge you
- yellow indicator is always present on screen
- there are different weapons, such as a shotgun
- seems that weapons will be upgradeable somehow
- block bullets with your sword
- if you start the game without the MotionPlus accessory, the screen will stay black and the game won’t progress
- Setting: eastern influences mixed with wild-west america set in the near-future
- other areas in the game will also show Asian influence
- art direct flew to Japan and took about 6,000 pics in order to get a good feel for the design approach
- main character is the only one able to accomplish the task of saving the world
- a warlord is the main villain
- more that 15 different enemy types
- no one from the first game returns
- some enemies will have heavier armor and bulletproof vests
- at least 5 bosses
- story development came last, gameplay was first
- 30% linear, 70% free-roaming within massive levels
- 70% huge free-roaming levels in which you receive new missions via radio
- choose the missions you want
- destroy barriers with Katana moves you learn later
- 6 enemies maximum at once
- as of right now, the game has 10+ hours of content

Huge thanks to D-E-F for the heads up!