Where did that Beyond Good and Evil 2 footage come from?

Some new footage of Beyond Good and Evil 2 popped up during the week, and everyone has been wondering where it came from. Through a Google translation, it looks like we might have the details. Turns out that an industry event where Michel Ancel was present may be the answer.

It was at Montpelier that the Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano, the creator of Final Fantasy characters and Michel Ancel, the creator of french video games (including Rayman), will be present for a conference workshop at the invitation of the training center Goal 3D at the opening of a department dedicated to video game business O3D GAME.

Concept: Allowing a meeting on Thursday the creation of video between Amano (the character designer of the Final Fantasy series, among others) and Michel Ancel, creator of video games french most recognized of the medium (creator, in particular, Rayman)

• How to create a universe, a game: Debate between Mr. Amano and Ancel on the concept of ‘creative seed’
• Creation of video game scenarios in interaction with proposals from the public
• Designs live Amano: sketch in Indian ink
• Film screenings of animation, video game trailer

Partners of the event:
• Montpellier Agglomeration
• Shibuya International
• Otakool
• 3DVF
• PixLR

I’m just waiting to see if a Wii version actually does come along. I wouldn’t be crossing my fingers if Ancel hadn’t said that there’s a hope!


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