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Iwata comments on third party Wii titles, promises strong software to come

by rawmeatcowboy
12 May 2009
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When we look at the situation of Wii in Japan, we cannot say that the mechanism which worked on DS is working on Wii. Two years after its launch in Japan, in the latter half of the previous fiscal year, we were not able to largely increase the ratio of third party publishers sales in Japan.

However in Japan, the much-anticipated Monster Hunter Tri will be launched in the coming summer. Several new strong Wii titles are expected to follow. We recognize that this is an important, challenging time for us. We will challenge to increase the presence of third party titles on Wii. - Satoru Iwata

Well, I wonder if Mr. Iwata knows of other strong, third party titles that are soon to hit Wii, or if he’s just guessing that that will be the trend following Monster Hunter 3. Only time will tell, but let’s hope that either way, Mr. Iwata turns out to be correct.