On this day in GoNintendo History - Nov 12th


You guys do not understand how awesome all your submissions were. We had some amazing artwork, awesome Halloween costumes, musical tributes, videos, and tons more. We had entries from kids, teens, adults, parents sending in their children’s work…you name it, they entered.

Do you guys know how hard you make it to choose a winner? I am never doing another contest that is based on “quality” of entry. It simply is too hard, you guys are an amazingly talented bunch! My problem is, I think everyone should be a winner. If I had enough prizes to give out, that’s the way I would do it! I feel horrible that I have to pick one above the rest, but it must be done. I also had to keep age in mind when I looked at quality. I had entries from 5 year old kids…and if tugging at heartstrings was what the contest was judged on, they would have won in an instant! Next contest is going to be simple…you submit an entry, and it gains you a spot in our contest drawing. Then the winner will be picked at random. I can’t do this judging process anymore…it makes me want to cry! I know people are going to be upset about not being picked as the winner, and I do apologize to all of you. Trust me, your entries put such huge smiles on my face…I am absolutely honored that you took the time to submit something.

I was hoping to have the Flickr account up tonight, but as you guys know, it is kind of hard to upload pictures when you don’t have electricity! I will put the set together tomorrow, and post it at some point during the day. There is no chance in hell that I am not going to show off all of your work. I am extremely proud to be able to host such an awesome collection on the site. It will be done tomorrow, mark my words. As for now, I will just tell you guys the winner, along with their entry.

So, without any further postponement, the winner of the GoNintendo “So Good It’s Scary!” contest is…

ERIK G - The Legend of Zelda “Triforce pumpkin carving” stop animation

Please make sure you check out the entry below. (YouTube is acting a tad screwy. If it says the video is not available, try the direct link, or keep checking back)

Direct link here

Once again, a HUGE thank you to every single person who submitted an entry for the contest. Your work will be displayed tomorrow…everyone gets a more than honorary mention! I look forward to seeing all your entries for our next contest…which will be taking place…sometime in the near future!

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