Joytech Wii accessories (rechargeable battery pack)

JOYTECH Europe Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. and leading designer and manufacturer of third party video game accessories, announced today a new line of peripherals designed for use with the Nintendo® Wii™ console.

Released to coincide with the launch of the Wii™ console, the JOYTECH line of Wii™ compatible accessories promises to further enhance the innovative range of software planned for the Wii™ console. JOYTECH’s initial line of Wii™ compatible accessories includes the following products:

JOYTECH Wii™ Sports Pack:
Further enhancing the realism of Wii™ sporting software, the Wii™ Sports Pack features three separate accessories: A Racing Grip, Golf Grip and Racket Grip, which each attach quickly and safely to the Wii™ Remote, transforming the game play experience. Designed to match the aesthetics of the Wii™ Remote, the Wii™ Sports Pack is a must for all sporting fans.

JOYTECH Wii™ Power Station:
The Wii™ Power Station features not one, but two high quality rechargeable Battery-Packs, designed for use in up to two Wii™ Remotes, removing the need for replacement batteries. When finished gaming, the Docking Station charges, stores and protects up to two Wii™ Remotes and provides a retractable cradle to store the Wii™ Nunchuk controller.

JOYTECH Wii™ Racing Grip:
Grab pole position with the Wii™ Racing Grip! Attaching quickly and safely to the Wii™ Remote, the Racing Grip is ideal for any and all Wii™ racing games, quickly transforming your Wii™ Remote into an ‘arcade style’ racing wheel!

JOYTECH Wii™ Controller Grip:
Get a grip with the Wii™ Controller Grip! Designed for use with software that requires holding the Wii™ Remote in a horizontal position, the Controller Grip attaches quickly and safely to the Wii™ Remote, adding a set of comfortable grips mimicking a traditional style game controller and offering comfortable, precision game play.

JOYTECH Wii™ Silicon Gloves:
Protecting and customizing the Wii™ Remote, the Silicon Gloves are easy to apply and remove. The Silicon Gloves feature four separate, high quality Gloves, each differently colored and each proving ideal for multi-player gaming, allowing players to easily identify their Remote whilst offering durability and protection.

JOYTECH Wii™ Silicon Glove Pack:
Featuring two complete sets of Silicon Gloves for both the Wii™ Remote and Wii™ Nunchuk (One colored blue and one colored pink), the Silicon Glove Pack offers complete durability, protection and a secure grip for up to two players.

The new line of JOYTECH Wii™ compatible accessories will be available in North America and Europe this Winter.

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