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Miyamoto says enjoys doing control input sensor experiments, expresses interest in creating mature titles

by rawmeatcowboy
05 August 2009
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We’ve done lots of different experiments with different types of sensors. You talk about using brain-wave sensors to move things around, we’ve done all kinds of fun experiments. So we’re pretty big fans of different types of sensors. - Miyamoto

Now, check out this TMCNET interview question, in which Miyamoto has a pretty interesting answer.

Q: Reggie mentioned the “Metroid” project. To what extent is Nintendo directly involved with that project or are you involved in that project, and are we going to see Nintendo develop its own adult-themed or more mature or violent games by itself?

A: (I am) not directly involved with “Metroid” project. (I) have had (my) hands in the mix up till now. But Nintendo, whenever any of our franchises are being developed by other teams, we’re always involved in that basic planning stages, always involved in the direction or themes behind the game, and so that’s true with this project as well.

(I) want to create all kinds of games. So, yes (I) would definitely love to - is interested in making mature games as well as the games that we traditionally make.

I don’t think Miyamoto means mature-rated games specifically, but instead, games that are aimed a bit more at an older audience in general.