Japan - This week's full slate of digital releases

ー Boku no Academia: One’s Justice (Bandai Namco Entertainment) ¥8,208
ー ACA NEOGEO Crossed Swords* (Hamster) ¥823
ー Bad North (Raw Fury) ¥1,690
ー Behind the Screen (Cosen) ¥1,000
ー Fernz Gate (Kemco) ¥1,080
ー Flood of Light (Indienova) ¥480
ー Kero Blaster (PLAYISM) ¥980
ー Kimi no Hitomi ni Hit Me (Entergram) ¥4,980
ー Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition (Double Eleven) ¥3,382
ー Red’s Kingdom (Rising Star Games) ¥1,299
ー Shelter Generations (CIRCLE Ent.) ¥1,500
ー Shio (Coconut Island Games) ¥1,296
ー Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders (Atypical Games) ¥1,100
ー Toy Stunt Bike 〜Tiptop’s Trials〜 (Wobbly Tooth) ¥500

GameSpot Video - Diablo 3 Is Perfect For The Switch

We played Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch. Alessandro and Erick chat about what they think and what else is coming to this upcoming port.

IGN Video - 9 Things We Learned About DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal debuted it's first gameplay at Quake Con 2018, and here's what we learned after the reveal.

Nintendo rolls out velotaxi fleet at Gamescom

Too tired after your day at Gamescom to walk home or make your way to someplace to eat? Why not hop in one of these Switch-branded velotaxis and let them do all the hard work?! You'll be traveling in style, that's for sure!

Thanks to MasterOtenko for the heads up!

Morphies Law - footage

Morphies Law is a 3rd person 3D shooter where you can steal mass from other players making them shrink while you grow, which balances the game. Size affects everything! what you can do, how you can navigate the different maps, how to play each game mode and more. Customize your Morphie, choose your weapons and go steal some mass!

Shadowgun War Games coming to Switch

Think war never changes? Think again! Become a part of Shadowgun War Games, the next chapter in the ever-growing, award-winning Shadowgun universe. Shadowgun War Games is a fast-paced mobile multiplayer FPS that requires tactical thinking and quick reflexes.

Choose from a variety of heroes and utilize their unique abilities to dominate the battlefield! Use your skill, work with your team, and achieve victory!

We have decided to start out with Capture the Flag, a long-proven mode. In Shadowgun War Games the player will jump into the match as a hero from Shadowgun lore. Each hero from the ever-growing gallery will come with their own particular set of skills and weapons and team cooperation will be essential for success. First mode introduced in the game will set the teams.

Thanks to AwesomeplatterFan for the heads up!

Japanese boy band promotes Fortnite in a series of new commercials

Japanese boy band Tokio has been spotted in a new series of Fortnite commercials for Japan. The group can be seen playing Fortnite on all sorts of platforms in the commercials, Switch included!

WWE's "The New Day" pays tribute to Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails with their new ring gear

WWE's The New Day debuted some new ring gear at Summerslam last night. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the gear was actually a tribute to Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails. You can even see the rings, tails, and knuckles on the outfits!

Pokemon GO hits highest player base since its launch

Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen statistic after statistic showing just how well Pokemon GO is doing. Highest-grossing day since the launch rush, highest grossing mobile game for July 2018, and now this. Pokemon GO currently has its largest playerbase since the initial rush when the game first came out. Yes, millions dropped the game after a few weeks due to hopping on/off the bandwagon, but ever since those people left, the playerbase has actually been growing. Niantic's John Hanke talked to the Guardian about the game's continued success.

“I don’t think I could have imagined anything about the last two years. But it’s been great. I guess what’s most satisfying two years in, is seeing this thriving, strong user base of people that are not here for the fad, but because they love the core values of the game. Which is why we did it. It got lost in the first two months of Pokémon GO craziness. I wasn’t sure if people liked us for who we really were, or if they were just there because everybody else was.”