Metroid Prime Remastered released on the eShop out of nowhere last month to massive fanfare, but many players were left wondering if they’d be able to experience Prime 2 and 3 on the Switch before the release of the upcoming Prime 4. Among those fans was Anthony Garcellano, an artist who did contract work on Prime Remastered under GameSim Inc, who said on a now-privated episode of the KIWI TALKZ podcast that he’s “crossing my fingers if they’re also remastering the second and third game.” Why the podcast has been privated isn’t clear.

If we’re getting similarly styled Prime 2 and 3 remasters from the same developers, it sounds like they may be a while off. Regardless, hopefully Switch fans can one day experience Samus’s full Prime journey thus far before the release of Prime 4.

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1+ y ago

Sounds like there’s little chance of a Prime 2/3 remaster of this scale coming to Switch. Those games are great, but the original Metroid Prime is the true masterpiece, and Nintendo clearly believed it could/should stand on its own.
It was designed to whet folks’ appetites for Prime 4, and it definitely succeeded in doing that. I would welcome Prime 2/3 even if they are simple uprezzed jobs and not featuring remastered artwork, but I think it’s more likely we’ll just get Prime 4 sometime within the year.


1+ y ago


Even if Switch 2 comes next year, it's likely that Prime 2/3 would be cross-gen, given the trajectory of recent and current console lifecycles. Prime 1's also been done since 2021, so that's a lot of time for production to start on at least 1 of them.


1+ y ago

Unless the next Nintendo console is backward compatible, I doubt we'll see Prime 2 or 3, at least as remasters. We're into year 6 of the Switch's life cycle, and Prime 4 will likely be a cross-gen title like BotW if it even makes this console generation. While I'm glad Nintendo saw fit to remaster this game, they really stuck it to fans of the Metroid franchise with the lack of physical copy availability. I can't say I'm surprised, though.


1+ y ago

Dumb question but what do artists even do for a remaster?
If they 'only' work on something like cover artwork and stuff then they'll get hired last and the Prime 2/3 remasters might be already in development for a while.