It’s that time of the generation, when we’re getting inundated with new rumors about the next Nintendo console every week. The latest report comes courtesy of an article on a Taiwanese economics site, in which the system is referred to as a new Switch, and some of its hardware specs are detailed.

Here are the juiciest points about what the new Switch console will feature:

  • NVIDIA’s T239 processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 64GB of storage
  • “Greatly improved” battery life
  • 120Hz screen refresh rate
  • Price of $400

The insiders indicate that the price of the system will be increased 33% from the Switch’s $300 to $400 due to worries about costs from parts suppliers.

As always, we have no confirmation that any of this information is true. Some of these specs could very well turn out to be accurate, or have no basis in reality whatsoever. Would you be happy if this was the condition of the Switch’s successor? Time will tell how much of it comes to pass.


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5M ago

120Hz screen refresh rate sticks out as being unbelievable, unless games will be running at higher than 60 FPS?
Or maybe Nintendo got a good deal on a bunch of screens that just happen to be 120Hz.


5M ago

There's room in these specs for a reduced price "lite" version down the line...and/or a mid cycle price drop if needed too.

At 400 though, I hope we get a small launch title to play bundled or something. I don't expect it, but I hope for it.

That said, if we get true digital and physical backwards compatibility, we'll at least have our existing libraries to play immediately.


5M ago


120hz+ 1080p panels are pretty common at the moment. Look at something like the ROG Ally, and if they went with a screen like that with VRR support, it'd mesh really well with current console featuresets.

Not saying it's a guarantee by any means, but VRR on a portable console is a big deal because it means any dips are smoothed out and any indie titles can push as high as they want without any concern for screen tearing.

The thing that I think sounds the most unbelieveable here is the 64GB of storage. That's the same as the OLED model and considering how big games are getting, I find it hard to believe they'd go with anything less than 128GB. Unless they're going with a pricey proprietary solution and that just adds more issues.


5M ago

Is it enough to merely double the original Switch's RAM? I don't know. With these specs I worry it'll still be lagging enough behind the other modern consoles to be a problem for developers. On the other hand, I've been really happy with the Switch, even with its modest specs, so it might not be a big deal.

And like Riftsilver, I think 64gb of storage is too low if they really want customers to buy digital games. Game sizes will only be getting bigger.


5M ago

Sounds... modest. I'm hoping for a little more RAM and at least double that storage or this thing is going to feel weak on launch, let alone for the next 5-7 years. Then again, the Switch did too so maybe they know what they're doing!


5M ago

Anyway we can trade in some of the Hz for more GB Nintendo?


5M ago

The system storage just needs to comfortably house the switch OS. 64GB is plenty. Everyone knows that for digital games you just buy a big honking microSD for like $25 bucks on sale. No big deal.
I’m interested in the greatly improved battery life. Is this thing fan-less, perhaps? Now that would be a game changer. There’s a reason old Nintendo handhelds lasted for decades. No FAN.

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5M ago

It really should have an OLED screen... T.T