Waluigi's overalls are July's Ranked Match reward for Mario Golf: Super Rush

Can anyone but Waluigi really pull those off?

02 July 2022
by quence 1

Each month, a new Ranked Match reward becomes available for Mario Golf: Super Rush, and July’s is something truly special. That’s because July’s reward is none other than beloved character Waluigi’s classic overalls!

In order to unlock this stunning attire, you’ll need to achieve a rank of A- or better when playing in Mario Golf: Super Rush’s online Ranked Matches. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to select and equip the new outfit by pressing the “L” button on the character select screen. Then, you’ll be able to golf with style!

Are there any other characters’ outfits you’d like to see appear as rewards in future Mario Golf: Super Rush updates? Or will Waluigi’s overalls be the only thing you wear from here on out?

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2y ago

I have acquired Waluigi's Pants. I'd really like Mini Golf, though.